The scariest thing,

Is when someone asks me about myself, who I am and what I want to do with my life because wow who the actual fuck am I? How can I explain someone I know nothing about?

Sometimes I wonder,

Whether I plan what I would like to happen in my dreams before I sleep at night to have the chance of living my fantasies, or simply because I’m too scared of my own unconscious to lose control.

I can’t cope with life anymore…

Four of my shows have been cancelled in the space of a month and hearing this has reduced my life to a never ending cycle of crying in a ball on the floor and plotting how to dispose of the dead bodies of the people responsible. I wasn’t made to deal with this. I can’t even.

Kat Dennings is so beautiful

She makes me want to rip my eyes out with a spoon and eat them.

I’m sorry Alex Zane, but I can’t take you seriously when your talking vagina trousers are staring me in the face.


If you want flowers and chocolates so badly this Valentine’s day then fucking march your arse to the shops and buy your own. Show yourself that you can love you before expecting someone else to.


Viggo kisses Billy Boyd (x)

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